Accompanying furniture

Tenera technologies est spécialisé dans le confort de l'accompagnant.

Nous vous proposons toute une gamme innovante de fauteuil-lit accompagnant

et lit d'appoint alliant confort, design et ergonomie.

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  • FERGUS =>  It is an armchair It is also a table And of course it's a bed ...

  • BAOBAB => Pouf - Bed - Mobile

  • SYREETA =>  It is an armchair It is also a table And it is of course a bed ...

  • Disposable bedding protection: Waterproof and breathable, this kit is ideal for protecting mattresses and pillows.It will make you forget your patients while protecting your mattress from hair and other dry body falls. The cover is 100% elastic, it ensures a good hold on the mattress.

  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT Armchair-bed with steel structure  M1 fire-resistant saddlery 4 omnidirectional wheels (Ø 75 mm) with brakes Storage tray under the seat (key lock) Comfortable armrests M1 fire-resistant coating,  8 colours Articulated foam mattress HR 35 Kg, 10 cm  => Warranty 2 years - Parts and labor

  • STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Extra folding bed Mattress support in white Komadur 4 wheels (Ø 80 mm)with brakes Articulated foam mattress HR 35 Kg, 12 cm M1 fire-resistant cover Light epoxy steel frame  2 sizes: Max80 & Max90  => Maximum allowable weight: 200 Kg=> Warranty 2 years parts and labor=> Exclusive model - protected 

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items