BAOBAB - Extra bed

New product

The extra bed BAOBAB was developed by the company TENERA Technologies in order to fill "gaps" in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics or common use of furniture and medical equipment.

The BAOBAB mobile bed is as comfortable as a fixed bed, ideal for:

  • The accompanying person
  • Caregivers (easy to move and maintain)


  • Epoxy steel frame
  • Retractable seat cushions for cleaning or repairs
  • Convertible sleeping mechanism
  • 4 wheels double roller (ø 50 mm)
  • Vertical displacement system
  • Rapid locking system with "aviation" loop 
  • Highly resilient complex foam seat 35 Kg/m3 dacron + HR
  • Articulated foam mattress HR 35 Kg , 9 cm 
  • Bed frame: tubular frame with welded mesh 750 × 2000 mm
  • M1 fire-resistant Coating, Mouse Gray 

Referenced product : HELPEVIA & ELSAN

=> Maximum permissible weight : 140kg
=> Comfort Normes CE classe 1
=> Warranty 2 years - Parts and labor
=> Exclusivity Tenera, model registered at the INPI

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  • Horizontal movement system + 4 wheels simple roller (ø 60 mm), retractable (FC109)
  • Aditional colors, Gingko M1 (FC108)