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Tenera Technologies

Tenera Technologies leader in mobilizing for the well being in the medical field !

Pascal Blosseville founder of Tenera Technologies has been designing and manufacturing since 1990 technical and electrotechnical equipment for hospitals and clinics.

This strong experience allows Tenera Technologies to master innovation, ergonomics and design, which ensures a significant success with customers.

In addition, Tenera Technologies pays particular attention to offer you the best prices.

Discover our furniture selection, ergonomic design and French design and manufacturing

  • Standard Equipment : Extra folding bed Mattress support in white Komadur 4 wheels (Ø 80 mm)with brakes Articulated foam mattress HR 35 Kg, 10 cm M1 fire-resistant cover Aluminium structure Base's structure in oxyde steel Mattress support in white synthesis materials which simplify the cleaning

  • The CLEM is a relax chair for accompanying, maternity or for the guard staff.Thanks to its advantageous dimensions, the CLEM offers both ease to the user and space saving in the spaces.g

  • The Syreeta bed is as comfortable as a lounge chair. Ideal for dads accompanying their wives during maternity stays,his multi-function convertible armchair offers a comfortable seating and the comfort of a real bed. The accompanying bed SYREETA has been developed by the company TENERA Technologies in order to fill "gaps" in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics...

  • ONCOLOGY -  DIALYSIS - AMBULATORY SURGERY - DAY HOSPITALISATION - MEDECINE The SWANN is an electric care armchair adapted to different hospital departments. Its ergonomic constitution and its hotel aesthetics bring a remarkable comfort to the patient. Its composition was conceived with the aim of facilitating the common use of the care armchair, but also...