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  • Standard Equipment : Extra folding bed Mattress support in white Komadur 4 wheels (Ø 80 mm)with brakes Articulated foam mattress HR 35 Kg, 10 cm M1 fire-resistant cover Aluminium structure Base's structure in oxyde steel Mattress support in white synthesis materials which simplify the cleaning

  • The extra bed BAOBAB was developed by the company TENERA Technologies in order to fill "gaps" in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics or common use of furniture and medical equipment. The BAOBAB mobile bed is as comfortable as a fixed bed, ideal for: The accompanying person Caregivers (easy to move and maintain)

  • The CLEM is a relax chair for accompanying, maternity or for the guard staff.Thanks to its advantageous dimensions, the CLEM offers both ease to the user and space saving in the spaces.g

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items