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Analyse the customer's need

The sales force relies on a team of itinerant salesmen and local distributors, sedentary sales assistants. The information gathered during the sales representatives' visits is transmitted to the sedentary team and transcribed in the form of activity reports. This information is the basis of our listening client.

Trait the order and produce in France

All orders are verified by the Planning Manager (customer file, sales conditions, deadlines) and then entered into the GPAO system which assigns the item codes and additional identification codes. The Production Manager validates the deadlines taking into account the customer's requirement, the load and the requirements of the week, the destination of the order, the inventory status. After confirmation, the orders are published in 5 copies as production management, assembly and shipping. An acknowledgment of receipt is sent to the customer.

Our team is happy to guide you in your research:

Cécile Blosseville
Head of Commercial Management (Quotation-Orders-Logistics-Consulting-Tender)

Pascal Blosseville
Manager of Tenera Technologies SAS (Quote-Advice-Demonstrations-Exhibitions-Partnerships)

Xavier Blosseville
Manager of Tenera Technologies SAS (Quote-Advice-Demonstrations-Exhibitions-Partnerships)

Didier Collery

Commercial Benelux (Quote-Advice-Demonstrations-Exhibitions)